How to Create "User Level Email Filter" in cPanel?

It's hard to completely stop spam e-mail but you can filter it, discard it, deliver it to selected folder, etc.

How to Create User Level Email Filter?
1. Log into your cPanel account.

2. In the "**Email**" section, click on "**Email Filters**" Icon.
  3. Under "**Filters by Users**", You can see all of your existing email accounts, Click on "**Manage Filters**" next to the appropriate one.

4. Click on the "**Create a New Filter**" button
5. Enter a name for the filter in the Filter Name text box.

6. In the rules of the filter you can filter e-mail by many options, and should you want to deal with e-mail which contains a word like "**Lottery**" or other words, then select "**Contains**" under the "**Rules**" list, select "**Body**" from the dropdown list and from the 2nd drop down list.

7. Under "**Actions**" list select "**Discard Messag**e"

8. Now Click on the "**Create**" Button.
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